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The Maori Parliament of New Zealand

When the Chiefs of New Zealand gather, the gathering form is called Te Wakaminenga. Literally meaning the Gathering. In this forum, under our Common Law, this practice was understood to be similar but with a divine power of a Parliament. The Divine form, taken literally from the fact of gathered sacred bloodlines of the Ancestors. A collection of Genetic Memories from the ancient Chiefs to the present-day Assembled Chieftains.

Through the Wakaminenga the Chiefs, with help from immigrant American Sailors and settlers, constructed a Declaration of Independence of the Chiefs of New Zealand calling it Te Wakaputanga o Nga Rangatira o Nu Tireni. This famous document has been recognized and is now a legal document, that empowers our natural native people to their Sovereign powers to enact laws and to govern themselves as a collective of Hapu. We have in other writings classified Hapu as being branches of connected families forming a political social grouping with a common ancestor or ancestors.

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Waitaha Grandfather Council